The purpose of this page is to answer as many of the common
questions as possible.  As always if you have more questions
feel free to call, email, or text and We will gladly assist you in
getting the bike you want.  Also we are a small operation.  If
you don't get us on the phone call us later or email/text the
mobile number provided.  

Shop Phone 615-265-8660
Email Shawn Gooch at
Mobile/text Shawn Gooch @ 615-473-1891 (text after hours)

Call or text during business hours.
Please text only after business hours.

Let us know you have applied once you completed the app.

This is our new provider that so far has honestly
pre-qualified over 90% of the people who have applied.  They offer
financing to buyers with credit scores from the high 400's and above.  
They will require a higher down payment and there are fees
associated with the program however they will say yes when
everyone else says no.  If you have a low credit score, no credit, or
you are rebuilding your credit this company is a great option.  I have
been in the bike business since full time since 1997 and have never
seen a program like this for my customers.  If you want a bike and
everyone else has told you NO now is your chance to get the bike you
have dreamed of. Requirements to be considered for financing is either 580+ fico with a min of $2000 a month gross or any fico less than 580 requires a min Gross of 3000 a month.   For bikes 2011 and newer. Motolease is very similar program and they will do bikes a little older.  

This Bank operates in 48 states.  They lend on FICO scores down to
580 on 2011 and newer and 630 on 2010 and older, and also have good programs for good credit
customers as well. Once you have applied please let us
know so we can finish submitting your application.  This
lender also does not require full coverage insurance on
loans under $12,000 which is a tremendous help for some
of you younger guys who want sport bikes.   Click the link
Above to apply.  This is a program that can be completed
in house and can be completed same day finance and pick up.

This program is avail in pretty much every state and they
finance both on and off road products.

South East Financial is the lender with the lowest interest rates and best terms however requires the strongest credit and proof of income.  You can apply directly on their website or call them at 615-743-3700 They generally can finance in all 48 states.  Its your responsibility to contact them and initiate financing.  They are a direct lender meaning they deal directly with the buyer saving you the most money.

I would consider a great source for mid level credit scores.  Rates will be higher however it will be possible for credit scores in the 600 plus range to secure financing.  There is a link on this page to apply directly with them.   

1.  Do we finance?
Yes.  We offer bank financing with approved credit.  We do not offer
inhouse financing.  We have multiple lenders who will loan money to
the lowest scores and lenders who will loan money at very low rates
to our customers with higher scores.  

2.  What do I need to do to apply for credit?  
We have multiple lenders and all differ in the process for applying for
credit.  Some you may apply online, some by phone, and some apply
from our store in person.  The following are our Online sources:

3.  What is required of me as a buyer for financing?
Expect all lenders to require proof of income (exception motolease
Tier 1-2-3 not required), proof of residence, and once approved proof
of insurance (Not required on Octane lending).  Depending on credit
score a down payment may be required.  Motolease program will
generally require a $1000 or more down payment.  

4.  Can I apply for credit and pick up the bike the same day?  
The short answer is yes.   In order to do that it is recommended you
get a head start and have all of you documentation in order prior to
coming to the store.  If you are a out of town buyer I would
recommend getting pre-approved in advance to make it a easier
process once you are at our shop.  Local customers/residents have
the benefit of using other local lenders to complete their

5.  Do all our bikes have the ability to be financed?  
The short answer is yes with a catch.  Anything with a verifiable
NADA Retail value has ability to be financed.  Just due to the nature
of the motorcycle business nice older bikes (2005 and older) tend to
sell at or above their NADA Retail value. Because of this down
payments can be higher.  Newer bikes (2006 and newer) tend to be
easier to finance and can require lower down payments.  Bikes that
are fully customized with fat tire kits and extreme amounts of
modifications are a little more difficult to finance.  Banks tend to lend
NADA Retail Value so anything above that dollar amount is generally
needed to be put down toward the loan by the buyer.  The exception
is if you have very good credit we may be able to help you work with
our lenders and get the values increased.  Definitely will need to
speak with us regarding this type of purchase.   

6.  Do we accept trade ins?
We accept many types of trades.  Motorcycles, ATV's, Personal Water
Craft, Side x Sides, Cars, trucks, Jeeps etc.  Basically any type of
item that has a verifiable "book" or auction value.   We can trade up
or down on value.  We can accept your trade even if it has a payoff.  
Contact us for details or how to get a tentative appraisal.  

7.  How does layaway work?
Current layaway program is 1/3 down and pay in full in 60 days or
complete financing and pay in full.  If not complete in 60 days you will
sacrifice your 1/3 down payment.  

8.  Do our bikes have warranty?
Our bikes are all offered as is where is.  We service our bikes before
they leave the dealership and test all the basics.  Due to the nature of
the type of products we sale they are as is.  In the event you buy a
bike from us and have problems and you have no warranty please
call us anyway.  We will go out of our way to help you and generally
can do so at a reduced cost and @ a priority in the service

9.  Do any of our bikes have salvage titles or have they been
We do not offer bikes with salvage titles under normal
circumstances.  If we were to offer one with a salvage title it would be
clearly stated.  We offer all kinds of bikes at all kinds of prices.  Some
are exceptionally nice and some are not.  We try to offer bikes that fit
all budgets.  We do not seek out wrecked bikes to fix up and sell.  
That is not to say that we never repair bikes to sell but generally
speaking we don't offer bikes that have had anything more than
minor cosmetic issues repaired.  We do offer bikes from time to time
as "as is" specials if the bike is not up to the quality level we wish to
offer.  If you have concerns about any of our bikes don't hesitate to
come directly to Shawn Gooch and ask.  If the history is known he is
glad to share.  

10.   We don't have the bike you want?  
Contact us and we will look for your bike.  We are attached to a
network of dealers and auctions and help you locate the bike you
want.  A deposit will be required if it isn't something we normally

11.   Do we deliver?
Shipping / delivery is available in 48 states.  We generally handle
deliveries within 200 mile radius of Nashville Tn ourselves.  Any
further than that we have a shipping provider we use.   Pretty much
any city east of the Mississippi River will cost $500 or less. That
covers the largest portion of our customers from New York to Miami
and all cities in between.  West Coast delivers will cost more for
obvious reasons. Companies like have shipped all the
way to California though for as low as $500 so often its cheaper than
you think.         

12.  Do we buy bikes?
Absolutely.  We try to buy locally however we can buy your bike from
out of state if you are willing to deliver or willing for us to back the
shipping out of the purchase price.  Best way to start is to either text
info and pics to 615-473-1891 or email to and
we can discuss from there.  

13.  Do we hold bikes?
Yes we will hold a bike for you for a predetermined amount of time for
a non-refundable deposit.  Deposit will vary based on the amount of
the bike and the amount of time you need us to hold it for you but
deposits and down payments are always non-refundable.

14.  Can we add accessories to your bike purchase?
Yes.  We can add to whatever loan amount the bank will allow.  
Helmets, performance parts, cosmetic upgrades, etc and all be added.

15.  Do we offer military discounts?
Yes.  We gladly offer all parts and accessories to our Military at 10%
over cost.  We don't have a discount structure on our bikes due to
their not being a fixed cost.  Sometimes we can have 2 identical bikes
and quite often have more money in one than the other.  All bikes are
unique in one way or another and their cost and pricing will reflect it.

16.  How much will I need to put down to get financed?
Amount of down payment will vary based on credit score and finacne
program.  Best way to find out is to simply apply and get started.  
Contact us after you apply and we will help you as best we can. Bad
credit programs we typically see $500 on the low side up to $2000 on
the high side.  If your credit is super bad (450 ish) you can expect

As always if there are any questions pleas call, text, or email the
provided numbers.  Please be respectful with after hours calls.  
Would prefer you send a text after office hours.  Generally we
respond to texts almost immediately if we are awake.   

Below is a little more finance info and links to each company we can

offer to our online or non local customers.